Metal bead curtain

Gun black Hotel decorative metal ball bead chain curtain

Item No.: ZR-105
Product parameters
Brand Name: ZIRUN
Material: Stainless steel,carbon steel,brass
Diameter: 4.5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,other size can customized
Color: silver,gun black,gold or others
Track: straight
Usage: room dividers, partitions, area separators, and curtain screens
Appliaiton occassion: night clubs, restaurants, hotels, spas, salons
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Metal bead curtain feature

Metal beaded curtains have been used by event planners, wedding planners,store front merchandisers and TV show producers to create beautiful backdrops or for decorative purposes. Combination of 3 sized beads per panel Pearl Beads 6mm,8mm,10mm.Revitalize your home, office or dorm decor with these gorgeous Doorway Beaded Curtains Multi Steel Ball Chains. 
The dreamy colors, shaped beads and intricate designs make for a curtain capable of beautifying and bringing life to even the most ordinary of rooms. They are perfect for hanging on a wall, using them as window curtains or to put in your doorways!Curtain measurements can accept customized.Shimmer Screen ball chain curtains have taken beaded curtain design to a whole new level.